Thermal diffusivity is a measure of the ability of a substance to transmit a difference in temperature, expressed as the thermal conductivity divided by the product of specific heat capacity and density. Thermal conductivity is a measure of the ability of a substance to conduct heat, determined by the rate of heat flow normally through an area in the substance divided by the area and by minus the component of the temperature gradient in the direction of flow: measured in watts per metre per kelvin. Symbol λ, κ sometimes shortened to conductivity.

Laser flash apparatus (LFA) is one of the most popular laboratory equipment to measure thermal diffusivity, and the thermal conductivity can be calculated with known density and specific heat capacity.

TIM-Tester is an instrument used for the analysis and determination of thermal impedance properties of thermal interface materials such as thermal fluids, thermal pastes (greases), phase change materials (PCM), solders or resilient thermal conductors.

Heat flow meter is useful for determination of thermal conductivity for low thermal conductivity materials such as insulation materials.

The Transient Hot Bridge method (THB) is a direct measuring method which is fast, easy, and accurate for solids, liquids and pastes as well as isolating materials and metals.

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Thermal Conductivity & Diffusivity Products

Thermal Interface Material Tester
TIM Tester

The LINSEIS Thermal Interface Material Tester (TIM-Tester) is the ideal solution to optimize the thermal management of complex systems such as waste heat management and thermal runaway protection in batteries and electronic packaging.

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LightFlash Analyzer LFA 500

Information of the thermo physical properties of materials and heat transfer optimization of final products is becoming more and more vital for industrial applications. Over the past few decades, the flash method has developed into the most commonly used technique for the measurement of the thermal diffusivity and thermal conductivity of various kinds of solids, powders and liquids.

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LaserFlash Analyzer LFA 1000

The LINSEIS LFA 1000 Laser Flash is the most modular and precise instrument for the determination of thermal diffusivity, conductivity and specific heat values. Its sample robot for up to 3, 6 or 18 samples at the same time allows unbeaten turnaround times. The three user exchangeable furnaces allow measurements from -125 up to 2800°C.

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Instrument for measuring Thermal Conductivity, Seebeck Coefficient and Electric Resistance

LZT-Meter is the first instrument commercially available in the world which is able to determine the thermoelectric Figure of Merit ZT with single instrument (combining LFA Laser Flash and LSR). The instrument can perform three measurement methods: measurement of thermal conductivity / thermal diffusivity, electric resistivity and Seebeck coefficient. This integrated design gives the advantage of cost saving on multiple equipment and laboratory space.

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Transient Hot Bridge THB

The LINSEIS Transient Hot Bridge - thermal conductivity meter enables thermal conductivity, thermal diffusivity and specific heat measurements on various sample geometries and materials. This LINSEIS measuring instrument provides the three material properties simultaneously after just a few minutes time regardless of whether you have used the patented sensor in a solid matter (incl. bulk material, gels, pastes) or in a liquid.

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Heat Flow Meter HFM

The LINSEIS Heat Flow Meter provides a rapid and easy to use instrument to determine the thermal conductivity properties of low thermal conductivity insulation materials as well as all other materials with a high level of accuracy. The instrument is designed per ASTM C518, JIS A1412, ISO 8301 and DIN 12667. The principle of measurement is to position a sample between a hot and a cold plate and to measure the heat flow.

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