Correlated Solutions Inc. (CSI) offers non-contact shape and deformation measurement solutions for materials and product testing based on the principle of digital image correlation (DIC). These measurements can be made on length scales ranging from microns to meters and time scales as small as nanoseconds.

DIC systems are used in a broad range of applications such as aluminium or composite fuselage panel testing, automobile crash testing, sheet metal forming, deformation measurement of tires at high speeds as well as in biomechanics research.

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Digital Image Correlation Products

VIC-3D 8 System

Vic-3D 8 is a powerful system for measuring and visualizing both strain and movement.

Vic-3D8 is a complete, turn-key system for measuring the shape, displacement and strain of surfaces in three dimensions. Vic-3D includes all necessary hardware and our most up-to-date software.

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VIC-2D 6 System

The VIC-2D system is a turnkey solution that utilizes our optimized correlation algorithms to provide full-field two-dimensional displacement and strain data for mechanical testing on planar specimens. In-plane displacement are measured at every pixel subset within the area of interest, and full-field strain is computed with many tensor options.

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VIC-3D Real-Time System

As the world-leader in digital image correlation, Correlated Solutions has developed the most efficient digital image processing algorithms that are commercially available, resulting in the fastest 3D processing speeds available. Our highly efficient algorithms are particularly important when high density image acquisition sequences need to be analysed very quickly.

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