The Pulstec X-Ray Residual Stress Analyzer is a non-destructive measurement instrument which is used for determination of the residual stress, retained austenite and FWHM data for solid materials especially metals base on X-ray diffraction (XRD) technique.

Pulstec (Japan) have succeeded in producing the world's 1st residual stress analysis system which applied "cos alpha method" on a commercial basis. This analyzer has the advantages of very compact, cost-effective, having high-speed and high-precision in measuring performance.

The Applications of Pulstec Portable X-ray Residual Stress Analyzer are used in/for:
• Transportation equipment such as railways, cars, ships, airplanes, etc.
• Various industries such as bearings, iron and steel structure and components, electric power, heavy machines, surface modification, etc.
• Universities and Research institutions.
• Finding solution to problems such as dimensional change after machining, cracks/fissures of welding zones, cracks after heat treatment, strength shortage after treatment, etc.
• Residual stress measurement of additive manufacturing
• Process improvements, quality control, yield improvement, equipment durability check, remaining life assessment of infrastructure, etc.

Available in: Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam & Indonesia
Manufacturer's website : https://www.pulstec.co.jp/en/product/x-ray/

X Ray Residual Stress Analyzer Products

µ-X360s Portable X-ray Residual Stress Analyser

The µ-X360s is the world's lightest and smallest residual stress analyser. It's a non-destructive measurement system for metals to obtain the residual stress, retained austenite and FWHM data base on X-ray diffraction technique.

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