GÖTTFERT online rheometers are the most advanced rheology instruments on the market, offering a wide range of features and advantages, including high accuracy, precision, and repeatability.

24/7 Measurement Data
A GÖTTFERT online rheometer provides 24/7 measurement data of polymer melts, making it ideal for monitoring material properties and processability. This allows you to monitor and control your processes in real time, ensuring the quality of your products.

GÖTTFERT rheometers are compact and easy to integrate into your process, regardless of whether they have melt return or not. In most applications, GÖTTFERT online rheometers are used for process monitoring (Melt Flow Rate - MFR/ MVR measurement) and control of polymer melts, making them ideal for quality assurance and optimization.

Cost-Saving Benefits
The online rheometers can help you to save money in a number of ways. For example, they can automate your processes, reducing the need for manual labour. They can also help you through better process control during material changes, which minimizes the production of low-quality intermediate products.

The online rheometers can also be used to measure products with recyclate content, and can be modified to an At-Line Rheometer by adding an Extruder as a melt feeder. This makes them even more versatile and adaptable to your specific needs.

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Online Rheometer / Melt Indexers Products

Realtime Rheometer RTR/RTS

The REAL TIME RHEOMETER RTR/RTS is a continuous-monitoring capillary rheometer used for online quality control of high and low-viscosity polymers in production and raw material processing.

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The GOETTFERT MINI BYPASS RHEOGRAPH (MBR) is a compact on-line capillary-rheometer which is integrated directly in the production process for continuous measuring of MFR and viscosity properties of polymer.

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The GOETTFERT SIDE STREAM RHEOMETER SSR is based on the first melt return online capillary rheometer developed by GOETTFERT many years ago.

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For determination of the structural properties of Polymers, dynamic tests are required. The previously used Online Capillary Rheometer is only measuring rheological properties in stationary mode.

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