The MultiScan MS 20 dispersion stability analysis system is a compact and versatile measuring instrument for the automatic optical stability and aging analysis of liquid dispersions, in particular suspensions and emulsions.

Dispersions are multi-phase mixtures consisting of substances that are insoluble in one another. Dispersions products range from salad dressings and cocktails in the food sector, emulsions and creams in cosmetic and pharmaceutical products to multi-phased cleaning agents, emulsion paint or seal slurry in the building industry. For these products, the dispersion stability is an extremely important factor, and the DataPhysics MultiScan MS 20 Dispersion Analysis System can be used to analyse and optimise the product during the development stage and also for quality control in the laboratory.

Main applications of the dispersion stability analyzer are:
• Optical stability and aging analysis of liquid dispersions.
• Shelf life determination in formulation studies of suspensions and emulsions.
• Determination of destabilisation mechanisms.
• Determination of sedimentation and creaming rates.
• Analysis of particle merging, agglomeration and clustering.

Available in: Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam
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Stability Analysis System Product

MultiScan MS 20 Stability Analyzer

The MultiScan MS20 Stability Analyzer from DataPhysics is an automatic measuring system for optical stability and aging analysis for a wide range of multi-phase dispersions such as emulsions and suspensions.

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