Rheological Testing & Viscometry Download
Viscosity measurements with Melt Flow Indexer (GÖTTFERT)
The Detection of the Intrinsic Viscosity (IV) (GÖTTFERT)
Influence of moisture content for PET in melt index testing (GÖTTFERT)
Optical Contact Angle Measurement and Drop Contour Analysis Download
Surface energy analysis for the verification of treatment effects on different polymer substrates (DataPhysics)
Surface Energy determination on thin wires using picolitre drops (DataPhysics)
Gas Adsorption Measurement Download
CO2 Breakthrough Curve Measurement (MicroTracBEL)
Binary-Component Breakthrough Curve Measurement (CO2-H2O) (MicroTracBEL)
Breakthrough Curve Measurement (MicroTracBEL)
Nanomechanical Testing - nanoindentation, nanomechanics and nanotribology Download
High Sensitivity Acoustic Emission Module (Micro Materials)
Multi-scale mechanical property mapping (Micro Materials)
Reciprocating nano-wear with the NanoTriboTest (Micro Materials)
Nanomechanical Testing to 1000 ℃ (Micro Materials)