The LINSEIS Thin Film Analyzer is special designed measurement system for characterization of a wide range of physical properties of thin film samples (nm to µm range). The instrument is easy to use and fast in measuring performance, and delivering highly accurate results.

The Thin Film Analyzer instrument is modular and can be configured to perform the measurement of the following properties: Basic device:
• λ – Thermal Conductivity
• cp – Specific Heat
• ε – Emissivity (depends on sample properties)

Thermoelectric package:
• ρ – Electrical Resistivity / σ – Electrical Conductivity
• S – Seebeck Coefficient

Magnetic package:
• AH – Hall Constant
• μ – Mobility (calculation depending on model)
• n – Charge carrier concentration (calculation depending on model)

Available in: Malaysia
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Thin Film Analyzer Products

Thin Film Analyzer TFA

The LINSEIS Thin Film Analyzer is the perfect tool to characterize a broad range of thin film samples in an extremely comfortable and fast way. It is an easy to use, single standalone system and delivers highest quality results using a patent pending measurement design.

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Thin Film Laser Flash TF-LFA

Linseis Laserflash for thin films (TF-LFA) is a unique instrument designed for measurement of thermal conductivity and thermal diffusivity of thin films from 80nm up to 20 μm thickness.

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