Cast Film Extrusion Lines from OCS are widely used to produce high-quality flat film to carry out optical and physical measurements. The system is able to detect gels, contaminations, degradations and other impurities as well as haze, gloss, density and other defect types in various types of polymers including PP, PET, PC, HDPE and LDPE in the form of pellets, powders and flakes.

OCS blown film lines are used to produce high-quality blown films (blowing, cooling, laying flat, haul-off and winding) to measure impurities, haze, gloss, density and other characteristics.

Both cast film line and blown film line can be integrated as an online system in the laboratory or used as an inline version in the production process for 100% quality control.

The OCS Tape Lines are used to test transparent and non-transparent polymer films called tapes, and are equipped with various test and measurement modules. This equipment has been specially designed and built for the cable and wire industries.

Available in: Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam
Manufacturer's website : https://www.ocsgmbh.com/en/

Raw Material Inspection System Products

Cast Film Line

The OCS Cast Film Extrusion Line produces high quality flat film and is given the option to detect and measure optical and physical properties. All settings and parameters such as extruder speed, temperature, film tension, winding force, winder diameter are stored in the touch panel control systems, which guarantees the reproducibility of the film at any time.

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Blown Film Line

The blown film extrusion lines are used to produce high-quality blown films to measure impurities, haze, gloss, density and other characteristics. Adjustable wooden grids and Teflon coated rolls convert the film bubble into a flat layer film while some guiding rolls prevent wrinkles. An optical device measures the width of the flattened film and controls the diameter of the film bubble.

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Tape Line (TCA®)

Transparent polymer films are tested using the OCS Tape Line Type TCA® (tape). It contains a high-resolution camera system specially for wire and cable industry, which is able to detect contaminants, gels, black specks, fibres and metal particles.

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Tape Line (SSA®)

The OCS Tape Line type SSA® is used in the wire and cable industry to detect surface irregularities (nips) on non-transparent polymer films (tape).

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