Elastocon develops, manufactures and sells instruments for testing of rubber and plastic materials. Besides, Elastocon also offer instruments for existing test methods and develop instruments for new test methods. Our objective is to offer instruments with high precision, which gives accurate results.

Available in: Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia
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Stress Relaxation and Creep System Products

Stress Relaxation Test system

Stress Relaxation Test system for continuous measurement in either compression or tension. Meets the requirements in ISO 3384, ISO 6914 and ASTM D6147.

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Automatic Relaxation and Creep Tester, EB 18-II-3

The instrument has 3 test stations and an individual control of each test station as well as the temperature of each cell. The test rigs are based on our relaxation rig EB 02, but here the lowering and raising of the rigs as well as the compression or stretching of the samples are motor driven by a servo motor.

The instrument is, by default, delivered with compression plates and 1000 N load cells with a temperature range between +40 up to +200 °C. Other accessories such as for testing in liquids, tension or temperature range up to +300 °C must be ordered separately.

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Film Creep Tester, EB 24

The EB 24 Film Creep Tester is based on our ageing oven EB 10-II with a digital ruler system including a line laser pointer for manually measuring the creep.

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