X-Ray Fluoroscence Spectrometer

Cianflone Scientific is a quality driven manufacturer of portable x-ray spectrographic “Portaspec” instrumentation (WDXRF analyzers) and laboratory sample preparation equipment.

Manufacturer's website : http://www.cianflone.com/

X-Ray Fluoroscence Spectrometer Products

Model 2501XBT: Portaspec for Multi-Element Sequential Analysis: Ti to U

The Portaspec 2501XBT is similar to the original Model 2501 Portaspec X-Ray Spectrograph. It contains a rotating goniometer that allows the user to analyze up to five elements, preset sequentially one at a time. The elemental range is from element #22 Titanium to element #92 Uranium. An easy load two-position sample holder is an integral part of the instrument configured for analyzing liquids, powders, solids and thin films

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Model 2501XLE: Portaspec for Light Element Analysis in Central Lab

The Portaspec 2501XLE is designed to fill a need for an instrumental technique that could rapidly and non-destructively analyze light elements in a central laboratory or in the plant using wavelength dispersive x-ray fluorescence. It has the ability to analyze powders and solids with its included single position sample holder. It has a single element option for Al, Si, P, S, Cl, K, Ca, or Zr and can measure Zirconium or Phosphorus pretreatment.

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Model 2501X-2: Portaspec for Assay and Bulk Material Identification

The Portaspec 2501X-2 is a versatile analyzer that can be used either in the field, or as a complete laboratory system with its multi-element sequential analysis capabilities.The Portaspec can be applied to odd shapes such as castings, tubing, bars, and sheets that normally cannot fit into sample compartments. It can analyze powders and liquids with the appropriate optional holders.

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