Due to the increasing needs of quick production and accelerated processing of new metals powders which is especially useful for new materials research, 3D Lab, an innovative AM technologies company, had developed ATO Lab metal powder atomizer which is optimized to be used in a laboratory. Using a novel ultrasonic atomization technology, it has successful produced both reactive and non-reactive powders with narrow particle size distribution and high flowability. The process is carried out in a shielding gas atmosphere. ATO Lab is capable of atomizing several materials, including aluminium, titanium, stainless steel and precious metals.

ATO Lab metal powder atomizer is compact and easy to be installed in laboratories with limited space. It can reach throughput of several hundred grams of metal powder with a particle size from 20 to 120 ┬Ám, with optional subsequent equipment for the separation of desired powder fractions. With its innovative technology which does not require sophisticated components, it ensure low operating costs and fast return on the investment.

Another great advantage of ATO Lab is the system has no limitations in minimum quantity of powder which is important for users working with expensive or more unconventional raw materials. This is due to ATO Lab metal powder atomizer uses a roll feeding system for feeding material in the form of a wire with virtually no limitation on minimum amount of input material.

ATO Lab is a device intended for producing metal powders for additive manufacturing field, commonly known as metal 3D printing, but the system has also been successfully used in a range of powder metallurgy areas such as brazing, powder spraying, laser cladding, chemical synthesis, catalysis and convention powder metallurgy.

ATO Noble metal powder atomizer uses Zero Loss Technology which targets material loss to absolute minimum. This is achievable by the special designed filtration system and close loop of gas circulation, and innovative system enables recovery for precious materials for reuse.

Available in: Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam
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