Simultaneous thermal analysis (STA) is performed to determine simultaneous weight changes (TG) and caloric reaction (DSC) of a sample in the temperature range from –150°C up to 2400°C.

Simultaneous Thermal Analyzer from Linseis, is one instrument which combine Thermogravimetric Analyzer TGA and Differential Scanning Calorimeter DSC. Furthermore MS (Mass Spectrometer) and FTIR Spectrometer couplings can be attached to obtain unique additional information.

With these combined techniques, the materials properties can be measured by STA are such as melting behaviour, reaction enthalpy, degree of crystallinity, glass transitions, oxidative stability, specific heat capacity, thermokinetics, solid-solid transitions, mass changes, thermal stability, decomposition, oxidation, reduction, composition analysis, etc.

The advantages of the STA instruments from Linseis, especially for the materials research, are highest precision, highest resolution and long term drift stability.

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Simultaneous Thermal Analysis Products

STA PT1000

The Linseis STA PT1000 is a top loading Thermobalance, which offers a highly user-friendly design. Even at a sample weight of up to 10g the Tare is done electronically. The specially designed furnaces allow fast heating and cooling rates as well as a highly precise temperature control. The system can be optionally equipped with a coupling device for EGA (Evolved Gas Analysis). The instrument is highly suitable for thermal composition, thermal stability and oxidation studies.

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STA PT1600

The STA PT1600 is the high end Simultaneous Thermobalance from LINSEIS. The system offers unparalleled TG and DSC resolution in combination with the highest vacuum capabilities and TG drift stability. The system is modular with many exchangeable furnaces (-150°C up to 2400°C), different measuring systems and crucibles. The coupling ability and many optional accessories guarantee the perfect setup for every application.

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