Equitech's In-line Color Spectroscopy is a non-destructive method of measuring color in-line and in real-time. It provides an alternative to current laboratory quality control. Equitech’s In-line Process Spectrophotometer (IPS) measures color in-line in real-time, directly in the polymer melt. Equitech manufactures over 10 contact and non-contact probes that measure solids, liquids, slurries.

The advantages of In-line Color Spectroscopy over off-line spectroscopy are that it provides real-time measurements which can help identify problems early on and reduce waste. It also reduces energy and material use.

Equitech's In-line Color Spectroscopy has applications in various industries such as food and beverage industry where measurements of color, residence time, and product distribution are important indicators of the extruded products quality.

Equitech's In-line Color Spectroscopy has applications in chemical industry where it helps identify the chemical composition and the presence of contaminants and impurities. It can detect color changes which is a critical step in the production process because it helps determine when a change rate and state of the chemical reaction has occurred.

In plastic industry, Equitech's technology can be used to monitor the product's quality that is compromised by polymer degradation issues (i.e., yellowing), and variations in chemical composition. Equitech's EquiSpec In-line Process Spectrophotometer (IPS) measures color in-line in real-time, directly in the polymer melt. These real-time data can be used in closed-loop control for a more efficient process that reduces scrap and produces a higher-quality product.

In paint industry, Equitech's In-line Color Spectroscopy can be used to measure color during production which can help identify problems early on and reduce waste.

Available in: Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam


  • Millennium 3 UV-VIS with CCD
  • Spectrum (Reflectance): 380 through 780 nm
  • Spectrum (Transmission): 220 through 820 nm (Optional)
  • Resolution: 1 nm
  • Spectrometer: Optical Grating
  • Number of Beams: 4-Channel Technology (2 Measurement & 2 Reference Channels)
  • Interface for 2 Probes (Optional)
  • Measuring Time: 10 ms
  • Regular Measurement Interval: 1s or more (Freely Adjustable)

  • Operating system: Windows 10 (Professional, Enterprise, Ultimate)
  • Integrated Industrial PC & 15" Touchscreen
  • Xenon Flash Lamp (One for Each Probe with Flash Control)
  • Calibration: White and Black Standard Made of Ceramic or Light Trap + Green Check Standard
  • Color Scales: CIE-L*a*b*, CIE-L*C*h, CIE-94, CIE-2000, CMC (l:c), FMC, HunterLab, XYZ, xyY
  • Other Indexes: Whiteness CIE, Whiteness E313, Yellowness D1925, Yellowness E313
  • Illumination: A, C, D50, D65, F2 (CWF), F11 (TL84) (Other Options Available Upon Request)

Physical Setup & Dimensions
  • Interfaces: 3x USB, 1x Ethernet, 32GB SSD, Low Power, Fanless
  • Voltage: 230V, 50Hz (EU) or 120V, 60Hz (US)
  • Environment Conditions: 5 to 40 C (Non-Condensing)
  • Dimensions: 610 (W) x 510 (H) x 300 (D) mm with Air Condition Unit TEHC
  • Weight: 55 kg with Air Condition Unit TEHC


  • Used with the Equispec Inline Color Spectrophotometer, EquiColor
  • Enables operators to monitor L*, a*, b* under a series of illuminants and observers.
  • Ensures that production batches are within tolerance ranges of approved standards.
  • Security features allow production managers or process engineers to set standards and tolerances while letting operators use, access and recall previous operational files without affecting their settings.
  • Saves all measured color values and tolerances for every job in a single file, allowing operators to review such file at any time in the future.
  • EquiFilm is used with the Equispec Film Thickness Analyzer.
  • Designed to measure film thickness continuously in real time in a range of 0.5 to 300 microns.
  • Extremely easy to use and reliable software.
  • Up to 5 layers in a multilayer product can be measured simultaneously.
  • Equipped with alarms to alert operators to off-spec products.

  • Used with the Equispec Chemical Process Analyzer, EquiChem.
  • Provides for complete configuration, data collection and plotting, including residuals, statistics, predictions and errors, and calculation and prediction of results.
  • A variety of chemometric techniques such as Multiple Linear Regression, Classical Least Squares, Principal Component Regression, and Polynomial Least Squares are used within the program.
  • All models may be used online to provide real-time predictions of chemical concentrations.


Equitech offers a wide range of contact and non-contact probes for measuring solids, liquids, slurries, pastes, polymer melts, and gases. They are specially designed to access difficult entry points and to withstand harsh environmental conditions.
  • Small Area Surface Probe (Non-Contact) - Used to Measure Color of Small Printed Areas
  • Reflection Polymer Melt Probe - Used to Measure Color of Molten Plastics
  • Diffuse Reflectance Probe - Used to Measure Color in Liquids, Slurries & Pastes
  • Micro-Flow Transmission Cell - For sampling loops in industrial vessels and for highly absorbing species
  • Attenuated Total Reflection (ATR) Probe - For highly absorbing solutions such as those encountered in pharmaceutical reactions, dyes, and stains
  • Transmission Polymer Melt Probe - Color & Haze in Molten Materials & Liquids
  • Retro Reflection Probe - Immersion Probe for in-situ measurements of aqueous solutions in processes
  • Large Area Surface Probe (Non-Contact) - Color Measurement for Opaque Sheets & Films
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In-line Yellowness Measurement
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In-line Color Measurement of Plastic Profiles
In-line Color Measurement for Food Extrusion
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