The Film Surface Analyser FSA 100 is used in research and development (R&D) centers, or for the quality control (QC) and quality assurance (QA) of polymer film samples. FSA100 is a modular surface inspection system which can be used in laboratories or during production for defects detection of impurities and contamination such as gels, blackspec, fish eyes, holes, scratches, etc.

They are all equipped with high resolution CCD line scan cameras and special lighting systems which optimally measure defects in transparent, opaqueor dyed such as in the case of non-transparent plastic films.Every measurement of defect is stored in a measurement protocol together with its feature vector (position, shape, size, etc) and the related image of the defect.

The web inspection system FSP600 is installed as online system in a production line which allows the detection of every defect-type which often appears in the transparent and non-transparent films during production process, as well as during film processing/finishing process. The system can detect gels, black specks, holes, wrinkles, fish eyes, coating voids, water drops, scratches, oil stains, insects, die lines and bubbles.

As FSP600 is a modular system with an optional applicable number of cameras, the system is used for the 100% surface control and inspection of transparent and opaque or coloured films with running speeds up to 1000 m/min and resolutions up to 25 µm.

Available in: China, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam
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Film Quality Analyser Products

Film Surface Analyser FSA100 V2 | FSA200 V2

The Film Surface Analyzer FSA100 V2 from OCS is a modular surface inspection system which is suitable to be used in laboratories or for the production.

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Web Inspection System FSP600

The OCS Web Inspection System FSP600 allows the detection of every defect type which appears in film, converting and nonwoven productions and a 100‚ÄČ% guarantee of surface control of transparent, opaque or coloured films.

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