Dispersion Tech Inc. has developed and is currently marketing a family of instruments based on ultrasound for characterizing particle size distribution, zeta potential, rheology, solid content, porosity, in concentrated dispersions such as CMP slurries, nano-dispersions, ceramic slurries, battery slurries, cements, pharmaceutical emulsions, etc, and in porous bodies.

Available in: Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam
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Particle Size and Zeta Potential Analyzers Products

DT-100 Acoustic Spectrometer for Particle Sizing

The DT100 measures sound attenuation and velocity of any fluid like material, from water to toothpaste. No sample information is required to measure the attenuation and sound speed. A variable gap technique eliminates any need for calibration.

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DT-300 Electroacoustic Device for Zeta Potential Characterization

This pulse technique device measure electroacoustic signals at frequencies from 1 to 10MHz for either pure liquids or colloids. The DT-300 works as a standalone probe suitable for in-sample or on-line measurements.

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DT-1202 Acoustic/Electroacoustic Spectrometer for Particle Sizing and Zeta Potential

Combining the acoustic attenuation measurement of the particle size from DT-100 with the electroacoustic measurement of zeta potential from DT-300, the DT-1201 is a complete system for characterizing dispersion. Various options can be added such as titrator, pH/temperature measurement, conductivity for aqueous as well as non aqueous media and dielectric constant.

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