Rubolab, founded in 2014, has developed and supplied high quality and high precision measuring instruments for the adsorption and catalysis research. Various product line from Rubolab are offered:
  • Instruments for Sorption measurement such as the Magnetic Suspension Balance which is able to accurately determine the small sample masses under high pressure and extreme temperature. The product line has also include instrument for performing thermogravimetric analysis (TGA), based on the unique technology of a Magnetic Suspension Balance under high temperature and high pressure.
  • Instruments for characterization of catalytic reactions, which are the basis of many chemical and petrochemical processes.
  • Wide range of gas dosing and pressure controlling systems, including customized system. These systems can be used together with RuboLab analytical equipment or used with existing laboratory equipment in the laboratory.

Available in: Singapore and Malaysia
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Sorption Analyzer Products

Magnetic Suspension Balance

Magnetic Suspension Balance is used for high resolution determination of mass changes under extreme conditions. The microbalance is positioned outside the measuring cell and coupling with measured sample by a contactless magnetic suspension fixture, mass changes within the pressurized cell can be determined under the condition of high temperature and high pressure.

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RuboSORP TGA instrument is built using the unique Magnetic Suspension Balance Technology which allows determination of mass changes with high resolution under the condition of high pressure and high temperature by utilizing resistant measurement cells.

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The RuboSORP BTC /PSA series offers customized solutions for measuring breakthrough curves within adsorber columns. In addition, two or more adsorbers can be integrated for the analysis of complex pressure swing adsorption processes (PSA).

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The RuboSORP MPA instrument allows the user to measure simultaneously up to 5 samples using the volumetric technique. The fully automated apparatus is developed for time saving measurements like material screenings, measurement of adsorption isotherms or PCT curves at pressures of up to 100 bar and within a temperature range of 20°C and 300°C.

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RuboCAT Series

The application of RuboCAT series instruments are for the measurement for Catalysis, Temperature-programmed desorption (TPD), Temperature-programmed reduction (TPR), Pulsed Chemisorption, and Breakthrough Curve.

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Gas Dosing Series

The Gas Dosing Unit (GDU) help the user to improve the efficiency of laboratory operation by integrating existing equipment (e.g. autoclaves or high pressure vessels) to the standard or custom made dosing systems.

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CO2 Compressors

The CO2 compressor station can be used to pressurize CO2 or other condensable gases to a pressure of up to 600 bar, which is a perfect ancillary system to Rubolab Gas Dosing units.

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