Intrinsic Viscosity

Intrinsic Viscosity Analyzer (IVA)

In order to meet the market’s need for a reliable, safe and automated instrument for Intrinsic Viscosity (IV) analysis of polymeric materials in solution, Polymer Char introduces the Intrinsic Viscosity Analyzer (IVA). Intrinsic viscosity can be considered as an indirect measurement of the average molar mass and, this provides valuable information within any polymer characterization process.

IVA is based on Polymer Char’s recently developed QC platform, which integrates, in a reduced footprint, a robust dual-capillary relative viscometer combined with a high-temperature auto sampler which can accommodate up to 42 samples. IVA is used to analyze a wide range of polymers with IV values from 0.5dL/g up to over 40dL/g, such as polyolefins, PET, PAN, PMMA, and others, by using almost any organic solvent. All of the Intrinsic Viscosity results are in good agreement with the traditional methods of reference (compared to the IV obtained with glass capillaries or the Ubbelohde type. ISO 1628-3:2010 f.i.).

When operating the IVA, the user places the vials with polymer into the auto sampler's external tray at room temperature. The instrument will then takes the vials into the dissolution oven, fills them with solvent and the shaking process starts. Dissolution temperature, shaking intensity, non-oxidative atmosphere with nitrogen, and time can be accurately controlled so that the user can select the optimum conditions to achieve full dissolution while minimizing thermal degradation.

The analysis of polyolefins and other polymers which contain significant C-H content can be further improved by the incorporation of the optional Infrared detector IR4 to accurately quantify the injected polymer’s mass. This option will contribute to higher precision and accuracy of intrinsic viscosity determination.

Another advantage of the instrument is the capillaries and tubing do not require manual washing or rinsing and provide robust and precise viscosity values over time. The unique design of the heated compartment and transfer lines in the instrument ensure that no cold spots are found and that even the most difficult polymers can be analysed.


  • High temperature autosampler for dissolution of samples in the same instrument.
  • Full automation of dissolution and analysis processes. No manual solvent handling.
  • Self-cleaning design based on dual capillary serial viscometer.
  • No need of accurate weighing when the optional IR detector is used.
  • Simple to operate and reliable instrument.
  • High precision achieved by automation.
  • Up to 42 samples can be analyzed sequentially without user intervention.
  • Analysis of high and ultrahigh molar mass polymers.
  • Low solvent consumption.