Digital Imaging Correlation

VIC-3D Real-Time System

The VIC 3D Real Time System is a non-contact full field real time measurement system the can provide up to 10,000 data points at 10Hz in just few minutes time. The processing module developed by Correlated Solutions Inc. allows full-field test data to be shown live during the test.

So, it can provide users with information needed in real time so that critical adjustments can be made during the test if needed. This is particular useful when the samples are either very expensive or limited in availability.


  • Full-field measurements of 3D shape, displacements and strains
  • User specified 3D plots, 2D contour overlays, and cross-sectional graphs
  • Automatic calibration importation
  • User selected data density for adjustable processing rates
  • Simultaneously save images for later additional processing
  • Up to 100,000 data points processed per second