DT-1202 Acoustic/Electroacoustic Spectrometer for Particle Sizing and Zeta Potential

The DT-1202 is the complete system for dispersion characterization which utilize both the acoustic attenuation measurement of particle size from DT-100 and the electroacoustic measurement of zeta potential from DT-300. Various options can be configured for the DT-1202 such as pH and temperature measurement, titrator and conductivity for aqueous as well as non aqueous media and dielectric constant.


Particle Size Range 0.005µm to 1000µm
Measurement Time 1-10 minutes
Sample Volume 15-70ml
Volume Fraction (%) 0.1 - 50
Calculated Parameters - Zeta Potential [mV] +-(0.5% + 0.1)
Measured Parameters - Temperature 0 to 100°C
Measured Parameters - pH 0.5-13.5, ±0.1