X-Ray Residual Stress Analyzer

µ-X360s Portable X-ray Residual Stress Analyser

The Pulstecµ-X360s is the world’s smallest and lightest residual stress analyzer, which utilized a non-destructive method to measure the residual stress, retained austenite and FWHM database of metals based on X-Ray diffraction technique.

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  • Portable & light weight - compact 2.4kg sensor unit; able to measure the internal of pipe down to diameter of 170mm
  • Easy setup - sample position tolerance +-5mm (built-in marker and CCD camera to assist sample positioning)
  • Fast measurement speed - 60 second per measurement point
  • High reliability & repeatability - measurement by cos α method ensures reliable and repeatable data; the 2D detector captures complete Debye ring
  • Safety - low power X-ray emission due to high sensitivity of detector; simple air cooling system

Item New model (µ-X360s)
Collimator size Standard: Φ1.0mm
(Illuminated surface: approx. Φ2.0mm)
Maximum measurement distance
(for Ferrite samples)
X-ray tube voltage & current 30KV / 1.5mA max.
X-ray tube Cr / Co / Cu / V / Mn
Possible to exchange the X-ray tube by user
Measurement method Single incident angle method
(cos α method)
Measurement item Residual stress / FWHM / Retained austenite (optional)
Target material Ferrite, aluminum, nickel, titanium, ceramics and etc.
Weight Sensor unit: approx. 2.4kg
Power supply unit: approx. 6.2kg
Sensor unit / Power supply unit Size / Weight Sensor unit: W114 x H107 x D213 (mm) / 2.4kg
Power supply unit: W159 x H235 x D289 (mm) / 6.2kg
CE marking Certified
Measurement time 60 secs / measurement point
Gyro sensor Display the sensor unit angle