Universal Surface And Profilometer

Universal Surface Tester

The Innowep Universal Surface Tester is an open multi-modular system that gives the full mechanical testing solution for bulk materials and surface coatings. Due to its special configuration system, it can be used on many types of applications and samples with various sizes ranging from nanometer to centimeter.


  • High precision load sensor combined with piezo actuator and active feedback loop control for real-time measurement of normal load and friction force
  • Options with different load range by easy exchange of measuring head
  • Automatic X-Y table with built-in motor for high precision profiling, the measurement area is up to 60mm × 60 mm
  • High resolution table for high repositioning
  • Accurate depth measurement with bigger travel range for all tests, up to 4mm in Z direction
  • Advanced linear module with displacement sensor
  • In-situ measurement with local resolution
  • Compatible to ISO, DIN and ASTM standards
  • Real time data acquisition with full integration of images, data and graphics
  • Easy sample preparation and tip exchange
  • Customized tip choice for various applications
  • Compatible with various environments: liquid, or humidity.

Load range 1 to 100 mN (Model UST ® 100)
1 to 1000 mN (Model UST ® 1000 for harder surfaces and coatings)
Traverse speed 0.1 to 10 mm/s
Measurement area 60 mm x 60 mm
Resolution x- direction: 1 μm, y- direction: 0.1 μm , z- direction: 60 nm

  • 3D Deformation
  • 3D Topography
  • Scratch
  • Microfriction (Standard)
  • Abrasion and Wear
  • Damping
  • Viscoelasticity (Creeping & Recovery)
  • Universal Hardness
  • 2D Roughness
  • TAX – evaluation of abrasive wear resistance on the micro and macro scale