The Dynamic Contact Angle measuring instrument and Tensiometer DCAT 25 is a multifunctional instrument based on the weight based approach of measuring contact angle, surface and interfacial tension, adhesive force, surface pressure, density, critical micelle formation concentration, sedimentation and penetration. It also features a fast and precise motor and an automatic crash protection for intuitive controls.


  • High-precision electrodynamic compensation weighing system with automatic and manual calibration
  • Software controlled, motor-driven height positioning of the sample receptacles with variable speed
  • Automatic coupling lock for the balance
  • Automatic crash protection for measuring probes during measurement
  • Illuminated sample chamber with inlet for inert gas or vapor
  • Integrated magnetic stirrer
  • Digital thermometer with connections for two Pt100 temperature sensors
  • upgradeable with special accessories like video system and Langmuir through module
  • intuitive control panel with touch screen for all electric components