Semi-Automated Small Sample Viscometer

Rheosense m-VROC II is the latest and second generation of the semi-automated, small sample viscometer. The viscometer features the widest dynamic range, with high shear rate viscosity measurements up to 2,020,000 s-1.

The m-VROC II semi-automated viscometer enable measurement of smallest sample volume to date, which is 15 microliters (μL), incorporating temperature control, automated cleaning, shear rate and temp sweeps, and sample retrieval/recovery. This instrument is the ideal solution for early sample characterization, candidate screening and injectability study.


Minimum Sample Volume 15 µL
Shear Rate Range, s-1 0.5 ~ 2,020,000 s-1
Viscosity Range, mPa-s (cP) 0.86 ~ 200,000 cP
Temperature Range* 4~70 °C
Accuracy 2% of Reading
Repeatability 0.5% of Reading
Temperature Sensor Built-In
Software Included
Barcode Reader Function Included
Non-Newtonian? Yes!
Temperature Sweep Yes!
Shear Rate Sweep Yes!
21 CFR Part 11 Yes!

  • Bio-pharmaceutical & Protein Therapeutics
    • - Bio-Fluid
    • - Injectability
    • - RNA Therapeutics
  • Ceramic
  • Coatings
  • Cosmeceuticals
  • Food & Beverages
  • Fracking
  • Inks
    • - Conductive
    • - Ceramic
    • - Oils & Lubricants
  • Rechargeable Battery and Fuel Cells