Nano Test Xtreme

The NanoTest Xtreme is a nanomechanical Testing Centre that’s optimised for investigating the effects of xtreme environments, including:
  • • High temperatures for aerospace engine components
  • • Irradiation effects in nuclear reactor cladding
  • • Tool coatings for high speed machining
  • • The effect of cold on weld repairs in oil/gas pipelines
  • • High temperatures for power station steam pipes
Test temperatures from -100 to 1000 ºC

Until recently, the limitations of these have been oxidation at high temperatures and condensation/frosting at sub-zero temperatures. Testing under vacuum with NanoTest Xtreme negates these and allows further expansion of the temperature capabilities of the NanoTest.

Nano Test Xtreme

  • Maximum testing temperature under vacuum for 500 mN loading head: 1000 °C
  • Maximum testing temperature under vacuum for 30 N loading head: 800 °C
  • Minimum testing temperature under vacuum: -40 °C
  • Ultimate vacuum: 10-7 mbar
  • Compatible with all standard NanoTest techniques under vacuum (nanoindentation, nano-scratch, nanowear, nano-impact, nano-fretting)
  • Option of a second loading head increases maximum load from 500 mN to 30 N
  • Backfill function to test in non-air gas environments
  • High resolution optical microscope
  • Option to add SPM imaging/nanopositioning stage which can be used over the full temperature range.