Low Temperature Elastomer Tester

Brittleness Tester, ET 05-II

Elastocon Brittleness Tester, ET 05-II, is an instrument for automatic determination of Brittleness point according to ISO 812, ISO 974, ASTM D746 and ASTM D2137.

The package will include the instrument, a computer and a software for the Brittleness test. The test rig is raised by pneumatic cylinders.

The brittleness tester is designed as a falling weight tester, where the speed is determined by the height and the energy by the attached weights.

The computer controls the rise of temperature and measures the temperature at impact. The result from each stroke is entered by typing the result in the software.

The speed is measured after the impact, to verify the speed loss during impact.

An automatic cooling system with liquid nitrogen is recommended, which can be supplied.

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