Film Surface Analyser (FSA100V2/FSA200V2)

Film Surface Analyser (FSA100V2/FSA200V2) from OCS is a modular optoelectronic inspection equipment for polymer films. It can be used in the laboratory or in the production process. The film is examined using a high-resolution CMOS line camera and a user-specific, high-power LED. This combination enables optimal defect detection in transparent, opaque, and colored polymer films. The FSA100 software analyzes the measurement results according to user-specific requirements, classifies defects, and determines film quality.

The FSA100V2 can be combined with other OCS film inspection systems, such as the X-Ray Tape Analyser (XTA100). This combination provides additional measurement results, which allows for even more extensive analysis of defects. Additionally, multiple FSA100V2 systems can be used on one OCS film line to perform different inspection tasks simultaneously, such as reflection and transmission measurement.


  • Modular structure for simple and quick adaptation to customer-specific requirements
  • Customer-specific lighting technology such as MCE lighting (Multi Channel Evaluation)
  • Real-time error analysis with customer-specific presentation of results
  • Transparency measurement

  • OCS Cast Film Line
  • OCS Blown Film Line
  • OCS Tape Line