L75 PT Horizontal Dilatometer

This uniquely designed horizontal dual and differential Dilatometer series L75H PT is able to provide the highest precision, reproducibility and accuracy for the testing process. This system is widely used in the academic community and research laboratories worldwide, in various applications including the study of thermal expansion behaviour of solids, liquids, pastes and powders.


Temperature range*: -180 up to 500/1000°C
RT up to 1400/1600/2000/2800°C
Delta L resolution: 0,03 nm
Measuring range: +/- 2500 µm
Contact force: 10 mN up to 1 N
Optical Encoder:
Delta L resolution: 0,1 nm
Measuring range: +/- 25000 µm
Automatic sample length detection: yes
Force modulation: yes
Contact force: 10 mN up to 5N
Multiple furnace configuration: up to 2 furnaces
Motorized furnace operation: optional
Gas dosing: manual gas dosing or mass flow controller 1/3 or more gases
Contact force adjustment: included
Single/double dilatometer: optional
Softening point detection: included
Density determination: included
L-DTA: optional (up to 2000°C)
Rate controlled sintering (RCS): included
Thermal library: included
Electric thermostatization of measuring head: included
Low temperature options: LN2
Vacuum tight design: yes
Automatic evacuation system: optional
OGS oxygen getter system: optional
*dependent on furnace