High Temperature Micro Viscometer

The viscosity of a sample is heavily dependent or influenced on the temperature.Therefore, in order to meet this requirement, RHEOSENSE introduced the hts-VROC, which has the same features and specifications as the m-VROC, but with the extra capabilities to perform measurement at temperatures up to 125°C. It also has a very precise temperature controller that can provides thermal stability to a range of +/- 0.07°C


  • Minimum Sample Volume: 25 µL
  • Wide Dynamic Viscosity Range: 0.2 - 100,000 mPa-s (or cP)
  • Shear Rate Range: 0.5-1.4M s-1
  • Shear Rate and Temperature Rate Sweeps
  • Temperature specification of 4 °C – 105 °C
  • Temperature Stability ~+/- 0.07 °C
  • No Evaporation – No Air-Liquid Interface
  • Characterization of Newtonian and Non-Newtonian Solutions
  • Accuracy up to 2% of Reading
  • Repeatable Measurement up to 0.5% of Reading
  • Typical Test Time will Take Less than One MInute