Hall Effect Analyzer


The L79 HCS system from LINSEIS is able to measure mobility, resistivity, charge carrier concentration and hall coefficient which permits the characterization of semiconductor devices. It has sample holders for different shapes and temperature requirements up to 800°C.


Temperature range*: from LN2 up to 200°C in different configurations
Optional -170°C up to 300°C
Input current: 500nA up to 50mA
Hall tension: 1 µV up to 2500 µV
Max. resolution: 65 pV
Measured parameters: electrical conductivity / resistivity
Sample geometry: 15x15, 20x20, 25x25mm, up to 5mm height
Magnetic field: permanent magnet 0.75 T

pole diameter 90 mm

two magnet setups for bipolar measurement

electromagnet up to 1.2 T.

pole diameter up to 76 mm.

power supply 75A / 40V.

current reversal switch for bipolar measurement
Sensors: different exchangeable sensor configurations available
Resistivity range: 10^-4 up to 10^7 (Ohm/cm)
Mobility range: 1 up to 10^7 (cm^2/Volt sec)
Atmospheres: vacuum, inert, oxidizing, reducing