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Materials Testing > Mechanical Properties > Non-contact Measurement Solutions

Vic-2D System

(Available in: Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia & Vietnam)

The Vic-2D system is used where strain distributions need to be measured on flat specimens. Applications include fracture mechanics (COD measurement), bi-axial tension tests of films, determination of strain localization around cracks or notches as well as many applications in FE model verification.

Vic-2D uses our optimized correlation algorithms to provide full-field displacement and strain data for mechanical testing on planar specimens. Actual, in-plane movement can determined for every point within the measurement area, as well as the Lagrangian strain tensor.

Vic-2D can measure in-plane displacements and strains from 50 microstrain to 2000% strain and above, for specimen sizes ranging from <1mm to >10m. Setup is simple, and specimen preparation only requires the application of a random speckle pattern. No special illumination or lasers are required.