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Materials Testing > Mechanical Properties > Dynamic and Fatigue Testing Machines


(Available in: Singapore and Vietnam)

Shimadzu's USF-2000 Ultrasonic Fatigue Testing System delivers powerful accelerated testing of materials' fatigue strength at 20 kHz. The vibration is amplified by the booster and the horn; and transmitted to the test piece. It is possible to generate repeated stress on the test piece, perform uniform stress and testing; and to measure and obtain data at 109 to 1010 order of fatigue strength in days.

  • Accelerated Evaluation of Materials
    At 20 kHz cycle speed, users can complete a 1010 cycle test in a matter of days, making it idea for long life evaluation of materials and high speed replication experiments.

  • Easy Replication of Fatigue Fractures
    The USF-2000 enables detection of minor defects and inclusions in materials.

  • 1000MPa Grade Steel Tests Possible

  • Easy Setting of Test Conditions
    Constant stress amplitude is possible via the auxiliary controller with PC.

  • Compact, Desktop Design

  • Types of Testable Materials:
    • High strength steel
    • Duralumin
    • Titanium alloy
    • Aluminium
Examples include turbine blades, high speed rotating parts of vehicles and bearings.