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Materials Testing > Mechanical Properties > Universal Surface Tester and Profilometer

Universal Surface Tester

(Available in: Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam)

Universal Surface Tester UST® is one universal instrument for analysis of micro-mechanical, micro-tribological and functional properties of materials in the sub-micrometer range. Measureable parameters are elasticity and plasticity, abrasion, wear, scratch resistance, micro friction, structure, roughness, haptic and damping. Various software modules and hardware options are available for determination of different materials, functional and surface parameters.

Testing Procedure:
During the patented MISTAN® testing procedure, a material surface is scanned mechanically along a defined straight line in three steps which enable the elastic, plastic and total deformation be recorded and evaluated.

Technical Data:
Load range1 to 100 mN (Model UST ® 100)
1 to 1000 mN (Model UST ® 1000 for harder surfaces and coatings)
Traverse speed0.1 to 1.0 mm/s
Traverse rangex- direction: 50 mm, y- direction: 25 mm
Resolutionx- direction: 1 μm, y- direction: 0.1 mm, z- direction: 60 nm

Available Hardware Options:
  • Module 'Micro-Tribology and Micro-Friction' which is a piezo-based system for measurement of tribological force form, static and sliding friction.
  • TA-X® for evaluation of abrasion resistance of different materials and coatings.
  • Automatic x-y positioning table for 3D topography evaluation
Available Software Modules:
  • Module 'Scratch Test'
  • Module 'Abrasion'
  • Module 'Micro Tribology'
  • Module 'Viscoelasticity'
  • Module 'Universal Hardness'
  • Module 'Damping'
  • Module 'Roughness' acc. to DIN EN ISO 4287
  • Module 'Haptical Surface Properties'