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Materials Testing > Thermal and Rheological Properties > Thermal Diffusivity and Conductivity

Thermal Diffusivity and Conductivity

(Available in: Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam)

Thermal diffusivity is a measure of the ability of a substance to transmit a difference in temperature, expressed as the thermal conductivity divided by the product of specific heat capacity and density. Thermal conductivity is a measure of the ability of a substance to conduct heat, determined by the rate of heat flow normally through an area in the substance divided by the area and by minus the component of the temperature gradient in the direction of flow: measured in watts per metre per kelvin. Symbol λ, κ sometimes shortened to conductivity.


Thermal Diffusivity and Conductivity are one of the key properties for insulating / building material such as EPS, PUR, Fiber board, Concrete as well as the heat transfer properties of electronic component. These are 2 major techniques to determine the heat transfer properties of material. Heat Flow Meter (HFM) and Guarded Hot Plate (GHP) are for low thermal conductivity range and Laser Flash Apparatus (LFA) is for medium to high thermal conductivity range.
Thermal Diffusivity and Conductivity Products