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Static Light Scattering Instrument

(Available in: Singapore)

The Static Light Scattering detector from Wyatt Technology Corporation allow easy, accurate, rapid and reliable characterization of molecular weight and molecular structure for all types of macromolecules - proteins, natural polymers and synthetic polymers. The system can be used as an off-line tool as well as coupling on-line to SEC/GPC to take full advantage of the integrated configuration. All models of the static light scattering detectors comprise of highly precision-controlled laser source and multi-angle detector array that simultaneously measures the light scattering data at different angles. The software then extrapolates the data to zero angle for the absolute molecular weight determination while the slope will provide information on size.

Facts and Advantages
  • Determine absolute molar mass, size and second viral coefficient
  • Can be integrated to QELS,RI,UV and viscometry measurements
  • Eliminates column calibration
  • Embedded QELS allow simultaneous online measurement of hydrodynamic radius