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Nano Biotechnology > Surface Science > Spinning Drop Tensiometer

Spinning Drop Tensiometer

(Available in: : Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam)

The spinning drop video tensio-meter (SVT 20N) is a special purpose optical instrument for measuring of conventional to extremely low interfacial tensions. The control/data analysis software is designed for intuitive use and fast access to all control elements.

Combined with the software packages SVTS 20, SVTS 21, and SVTS 22 the SVT 20N provides the following functions:
  • Automatic variation of the rotation speed
  • Measurement and analysis of the static, time, and temperature dependent interfacial tension (1•10-6 to 2•103 mN/m) according to the spinning drop method and oscillating spinning drop method.
  • Measurement and analysis of the 2D and 3D extensional relaxation of visco-elastic liquids and membrane encapsulated liquids. Drops by variation of the rotational speed.
  • Determination of the yield point of liquid crystalline.
  • Determination of the dispersive and polar parts of liquids on the basis of interfacial tension, with error limits.
  • Calculation of the geometry of rotating drops related to the rotary axis

  • High dynamic, electronically commutated direct current motor with software controlled speed control (0 to 20 000 rev/min; +-.001 rev/min) to realize speed steps (+- 2 000 rev/min/s) and sinusoidal speed variations (0.01 to 200 Hz) for relaxation measurements.
  • High-performance 6-fold power zoom lens with an integrated continuous fine focus and adjustable observation angle.
  • Video measuring system with USB-camera (max. 146 images/s sample rate).
  • USB connection to PC (or Notebook).
  • LED lighting with software controlled adjustable intensity and strobe frequency. Integrated touch screen for controlling basic functions.
  • Automatic, software controlled position and tilt adjustment.
  • Automatic calibration functions for correcting optical distortions caused by the capillaries (cylindrical lens effects).
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