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(Available in: Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam)

The classic process of sieving as a particle size analysis method has been hugely improved during the last few years through technical advancements. Today, FRITSCH sieve shakers are small, 'high-tech'instruments with amplitude control, evaluation software, power network adaptation and much more. With this new generation sieving instrument, particle size analysis can be conducted and documented more accurately and reproducibly in research, development or quality control laboratories than in the past.

The Vibratory Sieve Shakers ANALYSETTE 3 PRO and SPARTAN are the ideal instruments for determining quantitative particle size analysis by the well-known and proven method of sieving. Particle size distributions of all kinds of solid samples and suspensions can be measured by dry and wet sieving with woven analytical sieves or micro precision sieves.

The Heavy Duty Sieve Shaker ANALYSETTE 18 is a vibratory sieve shaker which was especially suitable for the particle size analysis and processing of large amounts of sieving materials.
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