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Materials Testing > Thermal and Rheological Properties > Rotational Viscometer and Rheometer

Rotational Viscometer - Viscotester IQ

(Available in: Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam)

The rotational viscosity is calculated from the measured torque and rotational speed as well as the dimensions of the measuring geometry. The flow behavior such as absolute viscosity, thixotropy, Yield Stress can be measured.

  • Easy exchange between different measuring configurations for fast setup and operation
  • Comprehensive portfolio of measuring geometries and accessories to tailor your instrument
  • Highly dynamic, powerful EC motor for flexibility across a range of materials and measurements
  • Exchangeable self-sufficient Peltier or liquid controlled temperature modules for maximum flexiblity
  • Multiple means of operation: Standalone, with new HAAKE Viscotester iQ RheoApp, or fully software controlled to match your level of usability

Torque range0.2 - 100 mNm
Speed range0.01 - 1500 rpm
Viscosity range0.001 - 600000 Pa.s
Temperature range-20 up to 180°C