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Materials Testing > Thermal and Rheological Properties > Rotational Viscometer and Rheometer

Rotational Rheometer

(Available in: Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam)

The rotational rheometer is the most powerful instrument to study Rheology of material either Flow behavior (absolute viscosity, thixotropy, Yield Stress) and Visco-Elastic properties (Amplitude sweep, Frequency sweep, Creep & Recovery, etc.). Thanks to the highly modular design, the measuring head, sensor and temperature control module can be changed easily. Furthermore, there are several following module and accessories can be applied to extend application:
  • RheoScope module
  • Solid clamping device for thin film
  • UV measuring cell
  • High Pressure measuring cell
  • Du NoÜy ring for interfacial tension measurement
  • Construction Measuring Cell for mortar and cement application
  • Combine with FTIR
  • Exchangeable measuring head
  • Lowest motor inertial
  • Extremely wide torque range
  • Standard measuring geometries made from Titanium
  • Temperature module recognition

Torque range3 nNm - 200 mNm
Speed range10-8 - 4,500 rpm
Viscosity range1 - 100,000,000 cPs.
Temperature range-150 up to 600°C
Normal Force range0.01 to 50 N
Motor inertia10 µNms2