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Planetary Mills

(Available in: Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam)

FRITSCH Planetary ball mills are the laboratory standard for the widest range of applications. They are characterised by very fast and effective comminution, easy operation and cleaning. For lossless milling down to extremely high levels of fineness < 0.1 µm. The grinding can be performed in dry, in suspension or under inert gas. They are suitable for mixing and homogenising emulsions and pastes or for mechanical alloying and activation in materials research.

Now with even powerful and efficient models, the FRITSCH Planetary Mill / Micro Mill Pulverisette 6 / 7 Premium Line offers higher performance samples grinding all the way to nano range with extra features!

Application Examples
Geology and mineralogyRock, gravel, sand, minerals
CeramicsPorcelain, sintered ceramics, clay, fireclay
ChemistryPesticides, fertilisers, salts,inorganic and organic materials
BiologyPlants, leaves, freeze-dried samples
PharmaceuticalsOphthalmological agents, gels, creams, extracts, drugs, pastes, dragees, tablets
MetallurgyOres, sinters
Material technologyPigments, precious materials, new materials, alloys, mechanical alloying and activating
Analysis preparationSpectroscopy, X-ray fluorescence,X-ray structure analysis, chromatography

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