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Nano Biotechnology > Nanotechnology > Nanoscale Thermal Analysis

Nanoscale Thermal Analysis

(Available in: Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam)

The Nano-TA system from Anasys Instruments allow the sample to be heated locally with a thermal probe which in turn allow the user to generate transition temperatures thereby providing information on the thermal properties such as melting transitions and glass transitions. The system also incorporates TTM (Transition Temperature Microscopy) by plotting the localized transitions temperature at different points on the sample surface to help identify inhomogeneities on surfaces that cannot be detected by conventional bulk thermal analysis and microscopy.

Facts and Advantages
  • Point and click operation
  • Localized thermal analysis on sub 100-nm scale
  • Temperature ramp rate of up to 600,000°C/min
  • Covers transition temperatures of most organic materials