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Nanomechanical Testing Instrument / Nanoindenter

(Available in: Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam)

NanoTest Vantage

The New NanoTest Vantage system from Micro Materials Ltd is one instrument with comprehensive nanomechanical property measurement, which allows the researcher to build a complete picture of material performance. NanoTest Vantage offers a complete range of nanomechanical and nanotribology test methods including nanoindentation, nano-scratch and nano wear measurements, and nano-impact test.

Launched in June 2011, this system builds on the unique capabilities of the previous generation of NanoTest instruments, and has been optimized in terms of performance, speed of throughput and ease of use.

Featuring 'Mount-to-Measure' in five minutes, this fully automated system ensures minimum operating time and can work 24/7 to maximize productivity.


Amongst other parameters, the NanoTest system is capable of measuring hardness, modulus, toughness, adhesion, creep, wear resistance and many other properties of thin films, coating and other surfaces or solids in applications such as:

Automotive, aerospace, ceramics, glasses, polymers, metals and alloys, microelectronics, MEMS, nuclear, semiconductors, wear resistant coatings, pharmaceuticals, biomedical,.

Testing Modules
  • Nanoindentation, for measuring hardness, modulus, visco-elastic behavior and study of variation of hardness and modulus with depth. It allows mapping of mechanical properties across an area of interest. Both quasi-static and dynamic testing are available.
  • Nano-scratch and wear, for access of critical scratch loads and friction properties, investigate cycles to failure for wear prediction.
  • Nano-impact and fatigue, for study of fracture and fatigue behavior, to measure material damping coefficients and investigate high strain rate behavior.
  • Nano-fretting, for accelerated reciprocating wear test and high cycle investigation (up to 1 million cycles)
Assess true 'in-service' properties with controlled environmental capability

Due to material properties can vary in response to the local environmental properties, it is important to access material performance in real working condition. The NanoTest Vantage is the only instrument which allows researchers to characterize and optimize their materials under the following testing conditions:
  • High temperature nanoindentation, nano scratch and nano impact to 750°C
  • Low temperature nanoindentation and nano scratch to -30°C
  • With sample and probe immersed in liquids, and allows nano indentation and nano scatch test to be performed.
  • In reduced oxygen/purged conditions
  • Under controlled humidity levels
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