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Polymer Technology > Control & Online Instrumentation > Nanmac Temperature Measurement and Control Instrumentation

Nanmac High Quality Temperature Sensing Equipment

(Available in: Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam)

Nanmac Corporation has been a leader in temperature measurement and control for industrial and research applications. Products offered include; thermocouples, RTD's, wire & cables, and custom sensors.

  • Accuracy in accordance with National Institute of Standards & Technology, ITS
  • All thermocouple outputs certified to conform to IPTS 90
  • Certified calibration in accordance with ASTM specification E220-02, traceable to National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)
  • Calibration process in accordance with NIST Comparative Method capable of up to 1500°C
Products : Thermocouples And RTDs
  • Bare, Insulated & Extension Thermocouple
  • Washer Thermocouples
  • Hose Clamp Thermocouples
  • Subminiature Thermocouples
  • Sharp Tip Thermocouples
  • Bolt-Down Thermocouples
  • Economical Spring Loaded Thermocouples
  • High Temperature Thermocouples
  • Base Metal Thermocouples with Insulators
  • Ribbon & Weldable Tab Thermocouples
  • Flow Thru Thermocouples
  • RTD Assemblies
  • RTD Assemblies with a GP Head
  • Thermowells & Flanges
  • Signal Conditioners/Transmitters
  • LCD Display w/ Integrated Signal Conditioning
  • Temperature Indicators and Controllers
  • Digital Thermocouples and Dataloggers
  • Etc...
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