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Materials Testing > Mechanical Properties > Universal Surface Tester and Profilometer

Mobile Optical Surface Profilometer TRACEiT

(Available in: Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam)

TRACEiT® is a new patented fast, contact-free mobile surface profilometer. It enables highly precise 3D-topography analysis, measurements of roughness values Ra opt, Rq opt and Rz opt and documents also the visual impression similar to the human eye. In fact, TRACEiT® is the first instrument in the market which documents and evaluates the visual impression to the human eye and the topography of the exact same area in a reproducible way.

  • Mobile, with the small measuring head completely controlled and powered by the notebook supplied.
  • Fast, simple and highly precise
  • Reproducible and able to be calibrated
  • Simultaneous measurement of visual impression and topography
  • Documentation, analysis, and values
  • Abrasion and wear analysis
Application Examples
Automotive, Aerospace, Marine EngineeringLeather, textiles, coatings, plastics
Paper industryDrawing, printing, safety paper, tissues e.g. the cloudiness of paper
ArtPaintings, sculptures, wood
BuildingFacades, wallpapers, floor
MedicalSkin cancer, scar formation
CosmeticsSkin type and structure