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Materials Testing > Mechanical Properties > Universal Materials Testing Machine

Micro Compression Testing Machine

(Available in: Singapore and Vietnam)

The MCT-W Series evaluate the strength of micro components, micro particles generated in powder processing and fine fibers used in new materials.

Types of Testable Materials
  • Ceramic particles
  • Fine metallic powder
  • Resin particles
  • Pigments
  • Food source powder
  • Pharmaceutical (micro capsule)
  • Fine fibers
Available test modes include
  • Compression Test - Test force increases until either the sample ruptures or a preset load is achieved.
  • Load-unload Test - Test force is increased to a preset maximum load point and then reduced to a preset minimum load point. By measuring the difference in displacement between the maximum and minimum point, the recovery rate percentage of the specimen is calculated.
  • Cyclic Test - Test force is repeatedly increased and decreased up to 250 times to evaluate specimen fatigue properties.