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Materials Testing > Size Reduction and Sample Preparation Equipments > Laboratory Jaw Crushers / Disk Mills

Laboratory Vibrating Cup Mill PULVERISETTE 9

(Available in: Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam)

For fine grinding of hard-brittle and medium hard materials. Achieves analytical fineness in extremely short time.

Application Examples
MiningFor processing coal, ores or minerals for physical or chemical analysis
MetallurgyFor grinding blast furnace slag or cast iron samples to determine additives needed.
Infrared and x-ray fluorescence analysisFor preparing samples with a short grinding time without contamination through undesired abrasion.
CeramicsFor grinding rock samples to produce raw powder to determine CaO3 amd MgCO3 content or clinkers to study the constancy of the mineralogical structure
Agriculture and ecologyFor preparing samples for chemical analysis of soils, sludges or vegetable matters

  • Extremely fast grinding of very hard sample (1 - 3 min)
  • Powerful grinding with up to 1300 rpm and 1.1 kW motor output
  • Speed control with microprocessor and frequency converter
  • Loss-free grinding set in hermetically sealed vessels
  • Ergonomically optimized grinding set changing with guided insertion of the grinding set with defined end position
  • Automatic detection of the use of metal-free grinding set (agate or zirconium oxide) and reduces the rotation speed independently to prevent damage to grinding element
Max. feed size (depends on material)12 mm
Max. throughput per batch250 ml
Final fineness10 - 20 µm
Motor speed1100 rpm, 1300 rpm at optimized speed