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Materials Testing > Size Reduction and Sample Preparation Equipments > Laboratory Mortar Grinder

Laboratory Mortar Grinder PULVERISETTE 2

(Available in: Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam)

For grinding medium-hard-brittle to soft-brittle dry samples and solid materials in suspension. For producing and homogenising pastes and creams to laboratory standards. A final fineness of 10 - 20 μm can be achieved from a material feed size of 6 - 8 mm and feed quantity of 30 - 150 ml (dependent on material).

Application Examples
Mining and metallurgyOres, coal, coke, ashes
ChemistryFertilisers, dyes, pesticides, salts, detergents, synthetic resins
Geology and mineralogyMinerals (up to and including a Moh's hardness of 9), calcites, quartz, silicates
Glass industry Frits, glass, raw materials
CeramicsSteatite, fire-clay, sintered ceramics,electroporcelain
AgricultureSoil samples, fertilisers, organic plant materials
FoodstuffsConfectionery, gelatine, spices, yeast, pasta, sugar
Construction materials Bauxite, clinker, quartz, concrete
PharmacyDragees, drugs, tablets, pastes raw materials
Rock and soilGypsum, lime, clinker, sand, cement

Max. feed size (depends on material)8 mm
Max. throughput per batch150 ml
Final fineness10 to 20 µm
Grinding processDry/wet
Mortar bowl speed70/80 rpm