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Hydroshot HITS Series

(Available in: Singapore and Vietnam)

To meet safety and reliability demands, the evaluation of impact damage characteristics has become increasingly important. Industries ranging from the automotive and electronics, to sports and medical; the need for improved product safety and reliability, in conjunction with shorter research and development periods, has grown. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, Shimadzu's Hydroshot HITS Series helps meet these requirements.

Two models are available:
  • HITS-P10 High speed Puncture Impact Testing Machine
  • HITS-T10 High rate Tensile Testing Machine
The HITS-P10 complied with ISO 6603-2 and ASTM D 3763-93 testing standards and uses freely selectable impact speeds to puncture test materials, allowing acquisition of data such as test force vs. displacement curves, maximum test force and failure mode.

The HIT-T10 utilizes the freely selectable tensile speed to obtain baseline high speed deformation behavioral data such as stress-strain curves and displacement. It incorporates a newly developed high response detector and vibration resistant design to obtain precise data.

  • High Test Speeds
    The hydraulic operation enables user to perform impact tests up to 20 meters per second.

  • Superbly Engineered Design
    To minimize the effects of impacts, the HITS Series incorporates a variety of special features such as:
    • Metals spring with superior vibration absorption capacity
    • Displacement detector resistant to vibration and shock
    • Speed reduction and stopping function that combines braking control with hydraulic cushioning (patent pending)
    • Striker with load detector (HITS-P10)
    • Load detector with grips (HITS-T10)
    • Comprehensive Safety Features
      The HITS incorporates a safety cover, safety mat and dual-switch for starting tests while the piston uses a mechanism that allows high speed travel only in test direction.

  • Environmentally Friendly
    An energy saving operation system changes the motor speed and supply pressure for the hydraulic power unit depending on the machine's operating status (patent pending).

  • Software
    Provides information such as:
    • Load-displacement curve
    • Maximum test force
    • Displacement energy
    • Inclination