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Fogging Tester

(Available in: Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand & Indonesia)

ELASTOCON EB 03 Fogging tester is equipment for determination of windscreen fogging according to ISO, DIN, ASTM, VOLVO, SAAB and other automotive standards. It has integrated heating bath and cooling bath, and complete accessories according to various automotive standards can be supplied.

EB 03 Fogging Tester is normally connected to tap water of less than 18°C. If the tap water is too warm, then a model EB 03C with a built in cooling system with Peltier elements can be supplied. It meets the requirements for fogging tests, according to ISO 6452 and ASTM D5393 and other automotive standards. The optional Erichsen 60° glossmeter is also available.

Manufacturer website:

Temperature range:
Heating bath
Cooling bath

40 - 130°C
20 - 80°C
Heating bath
Cooling bath

Services, l/min : (EB 03)Cooling water, 0.1 to 1.0 (max 18°C)
Peltier cooling elements: (EB 03C)200 W

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