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Materials Testing > Thermal and Rheological Properties > DMTS and Flexometer / Fatigue Tester

Flexometer / Fatigue Tester

(Available in: Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam)

One of the important parameter for tire industry and rubber research is Heat Build-up or Blow out processes. GABOMETER is the cutting edge technology of Goodrich Flexometer which conforms to DIN 53 533, ASTM D 623, ISO 4666/3, ISO 4666/4, BS 903 part A50 and JIS K 6265.

Facts and Advantages:
  • Extremely high force
  • Temperature at center of sample can be measured
  • Can be upgraded for Fatigue test
  • Can be upgraded to Dynamic Mechanical Thermal Spectrometer (DMTS)
  • Autosampler
Temperature range-150...500°C
Max. force5,000 N
Max. strain+/- 5mm
Frequency range0.01 - 100 Hz