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Materials Testing > Mechanical Properties > Dynamic and Fatigue Testing Machines

Dynamic and Fatigue Testing Machines

(Available in: Singapore and Vietnam)

Shimadzu offers a comprehensive range of dynamic and fatigue testing systems from 10 N up to 1000 kN. Test frequency up to 20,000 Hz is made possible with the Ultrasonic Fatigue Tester.

Incorporating servo-hydraulic, electromagnetic and pneumatic technologies, these testing machines cover a broad range of fatigue, dynamic, and static testing applications. The applications include ultra high cycle fatigue, high cycle fatigue, low cycle fatigue, multi-axial, thermo-mechanical fatigue, crack propagation and growth studies, fracture toughness (KIC/COD & JIC), high strain rate, creep, stress-relaxation and other types of dynamic and static tests.

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Dynamic and Fatigue Testing Machines Products